about us

You can learn how to work with hair extensions. The amazing service of hair extensions is becoming more and more popular every year. Women love adding extra length and volume to their hair.

We offer education in three methods of hair extensions:

  • I-Link ( Beaded )—–No heat, no chemicals, no glue
  • Kera-Link ( Fusion )—–Perfect for long-term use
  • Tape-In—–Long and fabulous in 45 minutes

You can also become Donna Bella Certified in one or all of these methods.

Our online hair extension education program is one you will find nowhere else. Our high definition videos are in depth, detailed, and fun. Long-time hair extension instructor Baelee Reiter stars in the videos, taking students through each step of the hair extension process.

Donna Bella is of the industry provider in quality human hair extensions. We pride ourselves in our exceptional quality, variety, affordability, and helpful customer service.